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BlueVME - VME Mainframe Data / IDMSX Database Migration Tool


VME - Fujitsu's Mainframe operating system doesn't have to be your legacy.


IDMSX Databases and mainframe filestore are holding your legacy business information captive.


Transform, extract, migrate, convert, transpose.
Whatever we call it.
Interpret your data easily.


Most legacy systems were developed "in-house".
Who knows them better than you.


BlueVME - a simple IDMSX database and data conversion solution.

Everything starts with the word "Legacy".

"Legacy Systems", "Legacy Applications", "Legacy Data", "Legacy Databases", "Legacy Skills".
What these phrases condense down to is a problem, money, skills, time and more money.

BlueVME provides at least part of the solution.

BlueVME - The Product.

A Microsoft Windows based application that will convert IDMSX 520 Databases to SQL Database structures and VME Filestore to Delimited Files, Excel CSV, XML, Fixed Width, Reports & Plain Text.
BlueVME employs a "wizard style" interface to help you decide, then does the work of interpreting it.


Simply, How Does It Work?

There are two distinct phases: Extraction and Interpretation.

These phases are separated so the Mainframe is NOT required after the data extraction (unless the extractions are to be repeated regulary) and the phases can be run concurrently.


VME mainframe files are exported in a "raw" state. All Mainframe databases being just another set of files.
Similar to PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, audio files etc, being different types of file, mainframe files are just differing types.
The skills are in understanding these types and the information they contain once it's left the mainframe. That's handled automatically by BlueVME in the second phase.


BlueVME is designed to execute without reference to a mainframe (offline).
BlueVME's only task is to interpret "raw" VME files (as and when required) and transpose them back into legible files that can be consumed immediately or imported into a package.
In the case of mainframe database structures BlueVME provides the SQL to recreate them on a SQL Server or Oracle database and load the data efficiently.


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BlueVME - A Technical Overview.

On The Mainframe.

We install a set of simple VME software tools and establish a FTP communication path to a Windows PC or Server running IIS.

The VME tools are written in "Vanilla" SCL and the source is provided. These enable VME files to be extracted in bulk or as individuals.
Any VME filestore is extractable, be it Data, Backup or Library. Files on tape are automatically retrieved as part of the process.

A simple naming convention is employed so that each file can be easily identified. The details of this VME filestore is also exported in tandam.
As each file isn't translated, the overheads in terms of MIPS (Processor Time) is kept to a minimum and the performance is only restricted by the mainframe and network capacity.

No further reference to the Mainframe is made once the extraction is complete.

Off The Mainframe.

BlueVME (the translation tool) executes on a 64 bit Windows PC / Server using the VME data extractions as it's inputs.

A simple wizard guides you through selecting "Raw" VME data files or IDMS databases and destination options for the interpreted data (Excel, Text, XML, Delimited or SQL).
Options can be employed to analyse data files in detail or convert data to component records and fields ("rows" and "columns" to those familiar with Excel).
BlueVME has a set of built-in functions similar to VME commands: List_Records, List_Blocks, IDMSX_PRINT, IDMSX_DUMP, FastDump reports etc. These enable analysis to have a familiar feel.

The output format for conversion of dates, times and values is totally under your control.
Data selection and output formatting can be defined at runtime using a simple command set and re-employed.
Site-Specific custom data transformation routines can be employed where appropriate in the process to handle data complexities.

All translations between EBCDIC and ASCII are handled automatically within BlueVME and the resulting output in most cases is legible immediately.

IDMSX 520 databases are extracted using the information stored in the Directory (therefore it already knows the appropriate definitions of records & fields, data structures and interprets them accordingly.

With an IDMSX 520 database the "database structure" is a critical component and this is preserved perfectly in the resulting database be it SQL Server or Oracle.

In the case of IDMS Databases, BlueVME can generate the SQL to create a SQL database structure and load it.
The data from an IDMSX database is stored in a set of delimited files, one for each table, enabling the data to be previewed, modified or redirected to an alternative destination.
This is another opportunity to refine the output SQL to ensure the data structures for the SQL database meet your future requirements prior to it's loading.

Refinement of the database interpretation to either employ specific selections, define output formatting, custom data transformations or just improve performance can be optionally utilised.
To do this, a file called a "Steering File" can be generated and employed to guide the application in obtaining the desired results, this will be automatically reused on future extractions.

BlueVME has many options for probing IDMSX 520 databases in-depth, this can lead to some suprising insights into the data contained within.

ICL Series 39 Mainframe

As BlueVME runs within a 64 bit Windows environment - memory, processor cores and disc write speeds are the inhibiting factors in its performance.

Remember, BlueVME works independently of a Mainframe - so no VME MIPS are consumed and it's processing can be done concurrently.

What's Next.

Start consuming your data immediately using modern tools i.e. Power BI.
The new SQL Server / Oracle data structures will look familiar and SQL Queries are simple to write, effectively producing the same results as on VME.
Once established, the migration processes are all re-usable, easily automated to repeat again and again.
Alternatively, the exported file store can be restored to any mainframe whilst in it's "raw" state very simply and immediately be useable again.

Requirements FAQS Issues

Key Points / The Benefits.

VME Comms Client

A proven software solution, already used successfully in a commercial environment.

A low cost product with low risks, that will potentially provide you with tangibly high gains.

We're not insisting you take our service. We supply the out-of-the-box tools to enable you to Do-It-Yourself.

Finally, free your business information from VME & IDMSX constraints.

Consume and analyse the information afterwards using standard Microsoft products.

The exported information is converted to commonly used file structures, therefore can be imported directly into a great many products.

Separated extraction and interpretation processes allow concurrency and isolation.

No dependancy on a Mainframe for the interpretation phase allow this part to achieved post Mainframe days.

De-clutter your VME system by migrating retained data archives in their "raw" state now, then postpone conversion until required.

Accelerate the development of Non-VME solutions by providing the data required to prime them early on.

Sail Away

Free up valuable VME skills from the demands to provide business data in understandable formats.

No knowledge of VME is required to extract the information from the data exports.

Easy to install. Hopefully you can install it yourself.

Easy to trial test (it either works or it doesn't).

Vanilla flavour SCL is provided for the exporting of file store from the mainframe. You can modify it to fit your site requirements.

BlueVME provides a simple wizard interface design to simplify the process of conversion.

The VME Mainframe MIP usage is kept to the cost of basic FTP transfer overheads.

Days since Inception
Successful IDMSX Conversions
923+ Gb
VME Data Successfully Archived
Years of VME Experience
Latest BlueVME Version

BlueVME - A Modern Success Story.

December 2016 - BlueVME successfully converted two trial IDMSX databases in minutes during an on-site demonstration at Portsmouth Water.
Proving capable of delivering data conversion and archiving strategies far beyond the lifetime of the site's VME mainframe. Mainframe Suite
January 2017 - less than 2 weeks on, BlueVME had finished the job!
Archiving ALL Portsmouth Water's VME filestore, converting the core IDMSX0520 databases and a selection of data files.
Loading this business critical information into SQL Server databases and Excel Spreadsheets.

About Us - The Team Behind BlueVME.

A Love of VME with a Passion for New Technology

A Server

An underlying core of over 34 years experience of VME Mainframe Software Development, System Management and IDMSX Databases.

A long and deep knowledge of VME mainframes combined with over 20 years of experience of software development on Windows and many other platforms leading to BlueVME's evolution.

A highly experienced and skilled IT individual with a formidable set of credentials bringing new ideas and innovation to the world of software.

Pricing Structure.

BlueVME - Product and Installation - £ No Longer Available

Ongoing - Per Annum, due on installation anniversary. £ No Longer Available

Day Rate (8 hour day). £ No Longer Applicable

BlueVME & Installation


Daily Rate

Due to the lack of commercial interest in BlueVME over the last two years, BlueVME has been withdrawn from sale and support as from 31st January 2020.
This website serves as a testimony to my skills and efforts as a solitary software developer.
Further development of BlueVME version 2.00 ( VME Application Code Migration to Microsoft Visual C# & WPF, GnuCobol and Visual Basic ) has ceased forthwith.


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Based in: Waterlooville, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 023 9225 5464

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BlueVME - News.

BlueVME at Portsmouth Water

January 2017 - Successful delivery on BlueVME's 1st contract.

New Version Available...

May 2017 - New BlueVME version - v1.34 now available.

Mainframe Suite

BlueVME, New Development Starting.

September 2017 - VME Application Code Migration to Microsoft Visual C# & WPF, GnuCobol and Visual Basic.
Started on developing Version 2 and I've got some big ambitions for it.

Goodbye BlueVME.

31st January 2020 - It's time for closure, with no recent enquiries and my interest in BlueVME's further development having gone.

and Finally...

A special "Thank You", goes to Anna for her support along with providing endless cups of coffee.
Also, Steve Fauchon, who supplied some of the pretty pictures I have used.